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LeShanta Baker

Nurse & Coach

Helping you understand your process and  create your plan so that you can take control of your peace and power.

Once I began taking maternal concepts and applying them to everyday life, I transformed my own. The maternal experience is just the gateway that leads women into a journey of seeking more balance, because that's when we begin to recognize the imbalance of energy within ourselves and all around us.  My maternal training helps me meet women at the gate and my experience continues to help me walk beside women as they labor through life.  


Drawing from nearly 20 years of supporting and assessing clients as a medical professional, I feel blessed to utilize my educational training, professional and personal experience to support and prepare women for the labors of their life. For over 13 years, I’ve worked as a Registered Nurse (RN), doula, and childbirth educator in maternity units across the U.S. Supporting women through labor and birth has been my specialty.  However, helping women take control of their personal power so that they can experience peace in the midst of the most stressful and painful obstacles of life...that has become my niche!


I believe that everything has a deeper purpose and that the maternal journey is a sacred gift filled with life lessons.  Pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood were designed to help us enhance our ability to tune into our bodies, control our minds, and follow our internal compass.  


As a Nurse, I've spent years analyzing processes and creating individualized care plans.  And as your Coach, I'm dedicated to helping you understand, create, and articulate your own process and Personal Power Plan so that you can birth new life, habits, and your sacred dreams with a more peaceful mind.

How I discovered my window to peace.

LeShanta Baker

Nurse & Coach

Whether you've been traveling on your journey for awhile or you're just entering onto a new path, we can walk together to understand your process, create your plan, and rebalance your spirit, body, and mind.

What my clients say

From private coaching to facilitated groups, women are experiencing clarity!

Wow! What a BLESSED, SACRED and INVALUABLE gift offered! This investment offers wealth in ways I can’t express. I was able to see an outside view of my inner chaos and receive a personalized map to navigate into worthiness, peace and power. This was in just one session!

Joy G.

Peaceful Woman

I'm motivated to get on to hear how each topic relates to me and the other beautiful women. I love hearing the various thoughts on each topic and also how it relates to my own life. I feel someone in the group may share something that will help me see through the blur in my life.

Keia M.

Peaceful Woman

The wisdom and enlightenment LeShanta offers is beyond exceptional. Through her Clarity and Navigation sessions, I was able to understand where I had some blockages in my life that were delaying the process of manifesting what I wanted to give birth to. Her calm nature, understanding, and techniques made me feel very comfortable. Would highly recommend her to someone who is on the path of growth and looking to manifest a life of abudance but needs guidance in aligning with their path.

Lakeisha B.

Peaceful Woman

I knew I needed to be there (Peaceful Women Live)...it was literally apart of my puzzle.

Karen K.

Peaceful Woman

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