Experience a more 

Peaceful Mind

Review your Personal Process

Draft/Renew your Personal Power Plan

Mental Clarity Package

This Mental Clarity package is ideal for the woman who desires a slow entry into personal coaching or for the woman who is in a season where you just need a little help course-correcting.  Maybe you just need a partner to help you stop the spinning of your mind long enough to untrap your soul from a state of unrest so that you can retrieve the inner guidance that will lead you to experience immediate relief. 


  • Declutter Your Mind

    By reviewing your current patterns and understanding your process you can unlock the door to see your path. 

  • Move In A Clear Direction

    Once you understand how your process intersects or aligns with the divine process you can establish a clear plan.

  • Enjoy Peaceful Freedom

    Being able to plan for the predictable outcomes feels like you've been magically placed in control.

  • Experience A Peaceful Mind

    Enough said, right?  Who doesn't want that!

Package Includes:

  • A 90-minute one-on-on coaching session

  • A full Clarity Report (an informational and analytical report of your current personal process)

  • An initial draft of your Personal Power Plan

  • One follow-up Navigation Call to review report and plan.

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