​Mind-Body Tune up


Enjoy a tension assessment & complimentary relaxation session without leaving your home.

Let relief come to you.

*For Women Only.

*Only serving the DMV metro area.

Mind-Body Tune up is a nurse guided tension awareness and release session. 

Muscle tightness can affect your quality of life and can lead to mental and physical exhaustion and deterioration. Mind-Body tune-ups assist you in identifying areas of tension and creating  individualized self-care plans so that you can relax, recenter, and refresh your energy while rebalancing your mind and body.


What to expect?

  • Balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systemBegin with a complimentary Aromatouch technique session.  Experience the application of essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points along your back and feet.

  • Identify areas of tension.

    A palpation sequence using light to deep touch will be performed, from your neck to your toes.

  • Assess your flexibility.

    You will be guided and assisted through a series of range of motion movements to further identify areas of tension.

  • Tension report.

    Receive a detailed summary of our findings along with diagrams marking areas of tensions, a listing of the approximate nerve bundles, organs, and emotions that maybe affected by the associated tension.  Continue to benefit from your session with the your nurse drafted self-care plan, list of recommendations, and referrals that will be provided as needed.

  • Release tension and send energy to areas of stagnation.

    Progressive relaxation techniques, guided breathing, and visualization will be used throughout the session to promote muscle relaxation and energy movement.

  • Enhance your physical awareness.

    By tuning in to the sensations and being an active participate in your assessment, you will enhance your body awareness and stimulate mind-body communication.

Stimulates & Supports:

  • Inflammatory response

  • Homeostasis 

  • Stress management 

  • Lymphatic movement

  • Immunity 

Are Mind-Body tune-ups for you?


Our nerves and blood vessels run throughout our bodies nourishing us with oxygen, energy, and more.  Muscle tension can impede the flow of all the things we need to operate as the best version of ourselves.  


Facilitated by an experienced Registered Nurse and Feminine Empowerment Coach, this session was originally designed and only offered to women during pregnancy to prepare their bodies for labor, birth, and their postpartum recovery.  Now, sessions have evolved so that any woman who wants to take charge of her energy can reap the benefit.


During your first 15 minute consultation, we will discuss your current state of being, where you'd like to be, and how Mind-Body tune-ups can empower you to rebalance your mind and body so that you can reclaim and enhance your peace and power.


If this is for you, we'll book your first session!

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