We have more power than we think.

Let's start releasing our PEACEFUL POWER!



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We all want more peace...but we can't just wing it.  Experience a more peaceful mind with our 6-week feminine mastermind is designed to help you use structure and skill to create an individualized plan that will assist you in feeling more centered, grounded, and free!


Our goals:

  • balance our energy
  • create and/or fine-tune our Personal Power Plan
  • unblock the flow of your individual Peaceful Power
  • and as always...EVOLVE!

LeShanta Baker

Session Facilitator 

"Where Peaceful Women Live, Balanced Women Thrive!"

We are breaking the cycle of fear, tension, and pain to BIRTH PEACE and RELEASE POWER in every Divinely orchestrated season, interaction, and area of our lives! 

  • Live Weekly Sessions

    Enter into our sacred virtual space and be empowered by the positive exchange of positive spiritual energy during our weekly Navigation Calls. 

  • Support & Accountability 

    Enjoying hearing different perspectives.  Engage in intentional conversations with women who gather for the sole intention of  living out their purpose, enhancing their personal development and evolving into the best version of themselves. 

  • Clear Plans

    Feel more centered, peaceful, and mentally clear by learning how to use business strategies, nursing skills, and maternal concepts to create personalized plans that help you move forward with peace and balance. 

  • Membership site

    Enjoying having all of your resources organized in a step by step format within our private membership site with secure access.

  • Downloadable Resources

    Enhance your development with downloadable forms, checklist,  videos, audio, workbooks, and links to resources.

  • Recorded Session Summaries

    Our sisters are always dropping extra nuggets, tips, tools, and information you'll want to recall, implement, and/or share.

In this intimate, in-depth setting, we work together to draft and fine-tune our individualized Personal Power Plans.  During these 6-weeks we follow 3 tracks simultaneously to enhance our self-awareness so that we can labor through life with more peaceful minds and birth the better versions of ourselves to release our peaceful power into the world.

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Applying maternal concepts to everyday life.

LeShanta Baker, BSN, RN

Peaceful Women Live is a feminine circle that engages in intentional conversations facilitated by LeShanta Baker, a Feminine Empowerment Coach.  She seeks to help women access their feminine instinct and spiritual intuition to experience and release peaceful power.  LeShanta has been a Perinatal Nurse for 13 years. She's attended well over 1000 births throughout the U.S. as a traveling nurse and has spent the last 5 years coaching, speaking, and helping women learn how to apply maternal concepts in their everyday lives.  As she travels through her own journey of self-evolution, LeShanta has made it her mission to help women labor through life with more peaceful minds by enhancing their clarity, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.  It is her vision to empower every woman to birth every gift, life, new habit, and/or story they were created to experience and share with the world.

What Other Peaceful Women Say...

Any Place

Engage from the comfort of your home.

Open Communication

Live sessions help you get interact and enhance your personal development.

Mobile Friendly

You can join our Zoom sessions and watch replays from your phone.

Q: When and where are session held?

A: We will enter into our sacred virtual room using the Zoom platform every Sunday at 1 pm EST for six weeks.  You'll then be invited to join our monthly Peaceful Women Live intentional conversations every first Sunday at 4pm EST.  

Q: How do I receive replays and material?

A: All links to online resources and downloadable material will be uploaded to the Peaceful Women Live membership site.  You will gain the most out of this experience through session attendance and active participation in our intentional conversations, however replays will be uploaded as well.

Q: How long will I have access to the recording?

A: Access to the membership site is one year.  However, you'll have access to all of the resources you download for a lifetime!  Information is constantly being updated with new research and evidence based standards. 

Q: How long is each session?

A: Each session is 60-90 minutes.  Q&A sessions may follow scheduled sessions.

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